Cultural policy and international funds

Yehudi Menuhin Foundation

December 2007 -

The Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF) wants to give "a voice to the voiceless" with its cultural programmes.


Ford Foundation

November 2007 -

Combating poverty and promoting justice and democracy are the primary forces behind the largest philanthropic foundation in the world: the Ford Foundation.


Karim Rida Said Foundation

October 2007 -

The Karim Rida Said Foundation has three focal points: education, development and culture.


Rockefeller Foundation

September 2007 -

The Rockefeller Foundation, established in 1913, these days devotes particular interest to globalisation.


Open Society Institute

August 2007 -

The brainchild of American billionaire and political activist George Soros is working on an autonomous and innovative arts sector.


Aga Khan

July 2007 -

Culture and support for Africa, Latin America and Asia is not the preserve of governments. Large private funds with their own cultural policy operate worldwide. In the past decade the Aga Khan Development Network has grown into one of the largest philanthropic organisations in the world.


Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

June 2007 -

Support for culture in Africa, Asia and Latin American is not the exclusive right of governments. Sizeable private funds with their own cultural policy, such as the Gulbenkian foundation, are operating throughout the world.

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