Hole in the Earth links Rotterdam to Bandung

December 2003 -

Hole in the Earth is a work of digital art in the public area of two cities: Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Bandung in Indonesia. A virtual tunnel through the Earth makes it possible to communicate directly with the 'other side of the world' in words, images and sounds.


Hole in the Earth by Maki Ueda, location: Bandung. A CELL Incident in cooperation with the Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam.

In both Rotterdam and Bandung, the work of art is situated in a public location that is accessible by all. The two works are linked by means of a broadband Internet connection. Under the ground of a city square in Rotterdam, high-tech equipment (LCD screen, camera with wide-angle lens, microphones and speakers) will be installed. It will be covered with transparent security glazing. A second Hole in the Earth is situated in Bandung: the same equipment on a smaller scale, built into a polyester structure.

The site in Rotterdam is an intimate, lively city square located at the top of the Cultural Axis, which runs along the international art route, numerous galleries and museums. All aspects of life in this city converge in this part of Rotterdam.
Daarut Tauhid in Bandung is a small-scale, active and economically-independent society. The use of high-quality communication technology plays a large part in the lives of the inhabitants of this kampong. In Indonesia, Daarut Tauhid is a role model for the economic and cultural development of other societies.
Hole in the Earth is open starting from Saturday, December 13th.

Location Rotterdam:
Square along the Diergaardesingel, Rotterdam Centre

Location Bandung:
Daarut Tauhid