Cultural dynamic in pan-African Big Brother

July 2003 -

An extraordinary version of the TV show Big Brother is currently being aired in Johannesburg, South Africa. Each of the twelve participants comes from a different African country. The producers of the program have involved a professor to advise them about the cultural dynamics - Professor Kole Omotoso, originally from Nigeria, who currently works at the South African Stellenbosch University.

Omotoso sees the reality show as an exceptional chance to create a sense of African solidarity. It is a unique method for investigating the similarities and differences in the various cultures. The show is being aired in forty African countries.

Namibia is making a fuss because it is being represented in the program by a white man. Whites are a small minority in Namibia. Omotoso has explained that the population of Africa is comprised of white people, as well.

The Arabic TV station MBC is making preparations to air a pan-Arabic Big Brother.