Hubert Bals Fund Films receive awards in Cannes

June 2003 -

Uzak, a Turkish film supported by the Hubert Bals Fund, won the prize for best actor as well as the Grand Jury Prize in Cannes. Osama from Afghanistan, also supported by the HBF, received an Honorary Mention in the Golden Camera category.

During its annual spring round the Hubert Bals Fund selected thirty non-western film productions as recipients of financial support. Eighteen film makers will receive funds for scenario and project development, eight will receive money for post-production work, and three will receive a contribution for distribution in their own country. The total of all these grants comes to 435,000 Euros.

The Hubert Bals Fund was set up fifteen years ago by the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Since that time the fund has contributed to more than 400 film projects in southern or developing countries. The Fund gives grants of approximately 935,000 Euros each year. The selection rounds take place twice a year.