Nabuur is looking for virtual neighbours for a test phase

June 2003 -

The world is a global village and Nabuur facilitates contact with its neighbours.

Nabuur has been set up to assist local municipalities to solve their problems. Via the Internet they can contact their 'neighbours' all over the world. That can help in exchanging knowledge, ideas, and gaining contacts and financial resources.

Nabuur was begun with seven test locations where the community has a clear need. The illiterate women in the village of Padampur in Nepal, for example, need information about health and nutrition. In Iquitos, Peru, the original language and culture of the residents is threatened with extinction, in part because the education is in Spanish. Via the web site,, you can link to one of the test locations and help to resolve these problems. The idea behind Nabuur is that affinity with a specific place brings people closer together.

The first locations are Iquitos (Peru), Kouroussa (Guinee), KwaNdengezi (South Africa), Cairo (Egypt), Izmail (Ukraine), Dharwad (India), Padampur (Nepal). As the test phase is completed, Nabuur wants to expand the project to 100 participating agencies in 2004 and 1000 in 2006.

The initiative is supported by Sida, Hivos, DOEN Foundation , and the Ministry of the Department of Housing, Regional Development and the Envionment (VROM).