New on the Power of Culture website

November 2003 -

Starting this month the Power of Culture web site has a new design, a new layout and a number of new features.

Themes is a new element. This section will contain the news reports and background articles from Power of Culture arranged by subject, including links to relevant web sites.

TheGuide section is also new. In this section you will find addresses for and links to organisations who work in the area of culture and development.

Festivals, events, exhibitions and congresses will appear in the Calendars section. This section also contains links to the many national and international cultural calendars on the Internet.

Starting this month you will find the 'thematic 'appendices' for the Power of Culture (previously the Themes) in the Specials section.

News reports and items from the 'old' web site are still available via the Archive. You can search using different indices or use the search engine, which searches the complete text of the web site.

We are curious to know what you think of the new site. Let us hear from you! You can mail us at