2003 Prince Claus Prize goes to Chinese author

November 2003 -

This year the Prince Claus Prize goes to Wang Shixiang (China, 1914) for his pioneering research into Chinese handicrafts. According to the Fund, with his publications about handicrafts the author has mapped out an important aspect of the national legacy. The Fund also praises him for the collection of Chinese furniture he has assembled, which is on display at the Shanghai Museum.

On Wednesday 10 December 2003 the 2003 Prince Claus Prizes will be presented in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. However, because of his advanced age, Wang Shixiang will be presented the prize on 3 December at the Dutch embassy in Peking, and not during the ceremony in the Royal Palace. The Prince Claus Prizes are awarded annually to artists, intellectuals and cultural organisations in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America, for extraordinary achievement in the area of culture and development. This year the theme was the development and innovation of handicrafts, with new visions regarding traditional techniques and handicrafts as the focal point. In addition to the first prize, ten Prince Claus Laureate prizes of 25,000 euros each are also being awarded..