Subsidy for youth theatre group Het Waterhuis

April 2004 -

Theatre group Het Waterhuis will receive a structural annual of one hundred thousand euros from the Dutch Ministry of Development Cooperation. This troupe is often active in Africa with youth performances about subjects such as Aids and child soldiers.


The landing gear', theatre group het Waterhuis

The theatre group applied for the subsidy within the framework of the Theme-based Cofinancing (TMF). The group was awarded the subsidy based on the way in which it works in Africa. Het Waterhuis performs theatrical performances in countries including Uganda, South Africa and Guinea. The group works intensively with local artists, musicians, dancers and actors.

Roel Twijnstra, artistic director of Het Waterhuis, says on the theatre group's website: 'You play the part in the manner you believe is logical form the perspective of the Netherlands. But there you discover that things are entirely different. They are much less predictable and understandable than we think from our perspective.'

The group's objective is to bring back to the Netherlands issues that have been made visible by the performances. The performances are held in the African country first, and subsequently in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The professional youth theatre group Het Waterhuis has performed for children and the youth since 1995. Primary focus is placed on body language, music, motion and imagery. Twijstra: 'Everyone should be able to understand my theatre. Language is only one of the many ways to communicate something. Our performances are readily accessible because our imagery goes beyond the limits of culture.'

The group recently performed 'The landing gear' in Guinea and Rotterdam. This musical theatrical performance is about two children from Guinea who were discovered dead in the landing gear of an aeroplane in Belgium in 1999. In preparation for the performance, Het Waterhuis went to Guinea and met with the families of these boys.

Together with two Guinea percussionists, the actors of Het Waterhuis tell the story of the stowaways Yaguine and Fodé.