Phenix Foundation disbanded

February 2004 -

The Phenix Foundation, an organization that worked to strengthen the cultural diversity of the available art, is being disbanded. The financiers are not satisfied with the results achieved to date. the Phenix Foundation was established in October 2001.

One of the funding organizations is the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. According to the ministry's spokesperson, cultural policy is not changing course. Cultural diversity will continue to be an important policy theme. The funds that were available for Phenix activities will continue to be devoted to cultural diversity. Chairman J. Ferrier of the Phenix Foundation will soon be presenting a plan for this purpose.

Two other organizations that are responsible for implementation of the ministry's diversity policy are Network CS, which supports cultural organizations in the area of diversity, and Atana, which strives to achieve a higher percentage of non-native executives in the cultural sector through activities that include a training program for potential governing executives.