Sithengi in Cape Town: meeting place for film and television professionals

February 2004 -

Sithengi is an international film and television market in Cape Town, South Africa. It strives to offer an international platform in an African context for the trade in film and television productions. Film makers, producers and distributors meet during Sithengi. Film makers can present their films, or can look for partners and investors for their ideas.

The eighth edition, held last November, was also accompanied by the first Sithengi Film Festival, which has since changed its name to Cape Town World Cinema Festival. Thirty-four films were shown during the festival, including African and international premières. The objective is to highlight films from Southern Africa and the place they hold in the tradition of non-western films.

During the four days of the film and television market, workshops are organized for scripts, documentaries and movies. Film makers explain their ideas and present them to producers and distributors. If a project is selected by a producer or distributor, the film maker can organize a private meeting to discuss it.

The Hubert Bals Fund decided during its selection round last autumn that the best idea during the movie workshop would receive a prize of € 10,000.00. Three projects proved to be eligible, thus the prize money was divided among them. These projects are films from Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. Since it was established in 1988, the Hubert Bals Fund has made funds available to film makers in developing countries.