World Children's Festival travels to Morocco

November 2005 -

The United Nations and UNICEF adopted the Children's Rights in 1989. With their signatures, 191 countries agreed to protect children's rights. Each year on the twentieth of November, numerous events are organised to give children throughout the world the chance to talk about things that are important to them. Theatre and stage arts are perfect for inspiring children and bringing them into contact with another world. Which is why the educational World Children's Festival will be presenting a unique edition in Morocco at the end of November.


Souk Circus acrobats

The festival, which travelled through the Netherlands early last summer, will be travelling this year to commemorate four hundred years of relations between the two countries. The Moroccan foundation Targante was involved in bringing the festival to Rabat-Bouznika (17 and 18 November), Agadir (19 through 22 November) and Oujda (24 through 27 November). There children can watch popular Moroccan youth groups perform, including Souk Circus and Circus Rotjeknor from Rotterdam. Educational resources, discussing matters such as cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Morocco and the Universal Rights of Children, accompany the theatrical event.

The World Children's Festival in Morocco was made possible by the Morocco-Netherlands 2005 foundation, NCDO, the Prince Claus Fund, FAPK internationalisation, the Dutch Stichting Doen, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands' embassy in Rabat, and numerous Moroccan partners.