2005 Prince Claus Award for the South African cartoonist Zapiro

October 2005 -

On Wednesday, 7 December 2005, the South African cartoonist Zapiro alias Jonathan Shapiro, (1958, South Africa) will be presented with this year’s Principal Prince Claus Award of € 100,000 at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam. Zapiro has been granted this award in recognition of his role in stimulating social and cultural development.


© Zapiro

The satire of Zapiro's  striking cartoons scrutinises the current social and political realities of South Africa, the African continent and the global arena.The award also reflects the Fund’s new focus on humour and satire.The ten other laureates will be presented with their awards of € 25,000 in their own countries.

Zapiro alias Jonathan Shapiro (1958, South Africa) is a cartoonist whose work appears on a daily basis in leading South African newspapers, community and activist publications and the international media. He began working with anti-apartheid groups and publishing cartoons during the 1980’s. His cartoons are known for their striking graphic detail and perfectly pitched text. Zapiro’s satire exposes absurdities and paradoxes, highlights social issues and challenges dogma.

Amidst the racial and social tensions of both Southern Africa and the current global situation, Zapiro provides razor-sharp insight into local and inter- national issues. His drawings can be seen as an effective vehicle for social and cultural development. He teaches young cartoonists in South Africa, thus creating a new generation who are motivated to continue the satirist tradition.The Prince Claus Award has been granted to Zapiro for the quality of his oeuvre and for his timely and astute commentary on the region’s social and political conditions at a point when critical analysis is so desperately needed.