New Africa exhibition in Tropenmuseum

December 2006 -

Opens November 17th 2006 This exhibition presents objects collected by the Tropenmuseum from Africa south of the Sahara: an enormous area of tremendous cultural diversity and richness. Africa has a fascinating history spanning many centuries.


Portrait of a young woman, Babacar Lô, Senegal, 2001

This exhibition covers the last 150 years, a period in which Europeans colonised practically the entire continent, followed by the formation of new independent states. The Tropenmuseum�s Africa collection embraces dozens of cultures from around twenty countries ranging from ritual images and masks to utensils, street art and fashion.

Some objects represent ideas and customs that have largely vanished. Others represent changes that are taking place now. They all bear witness to a tenacious lust for life and the compelling creativity of Africa's many peoples.

The exhibition is divided into five themes: Status, Faith, Masquerade, Form and Contact.