São Tomé and Principe as cultural hub

July 2006 -

These days every self-respecting country has its own Art Biennale. So naturally, this includes São Tomé and Principle, a group of African islands off the coast of Nigeria. Under the motto 'from slave trade outpost to cultural hub' this management of this Art Event wants to demonstrate that culture can contribute to sustainable development.

The Art Biennale, which lasts a month and is being held for the fourth time, opened on 25 June 2006 with an exhibition by the Senegalese artist Seyni Gadiaga in galery Espaço Teia D'@rte. Dancers José Silva 'Boris' and Mussa Ibrahimo brought their project Entreposto de Dança, in which they introduce traditional dance as a medium for contemporary expression.


Workshop at a previous edition of the Art Biennale