Gate Foundation collection goes to Van Abbe Museum

October 2006 -

The Gate Foundation's collection has been donated to the Van Abbe museum in Eindhoven. Thus access to the Artists Archives and the Art Library is safeguarded.

As of 2006, the Gate Foundation, the institute for modern and contemporary art by non-Western migrant artists, can no longer rely on government subsidies. The management has devoted every effort to safeguarding the Gate Foundation’s activities. Negotiations were held with parties including the Stedelijk Museum, the World Museum and Leyden University, after which the Gate Foundation’s collection (the Artists Archives and the Art Library) found a home in the Van Abbe museum.

The Mondriaan Foundation awarded the Incentive Award for Cultural Diversity to the Van Abbe museum in May of this year for its programme Be(com)ing Dutch in the Age of Global Democracy. The Gate Foundation's Artists Archives and Art Library will be included in this three-year programme. The first presentation, compiled by Irit Rogoff and Deepa Naik, opened on 15 September 2006 as part of the project Academy: Learning from the Museum.

After 19 years, the Gate Foundation will be disbanded at the end of 2006.