Photo exposition in reconstructed National Museum in Kabul

June 2007 -

The CIE, a Power of Culture partner, is participating in a special project in Afghanistan: recovery of the Afghanistan cultural heritage is being worked on in Kabul and the northern city of Tashqurghan.

The reconstruction of the National Museum in Kabul has already started. The museum even opened its first exposition on 25 April of this year: photos of the Tashqurghan bazaar before the market hall was destroyed by the Soviets in 1981. Later, the photos in Tashqurghan will be included in the permanent exhibition of a museum as yet to be established.


The bazaar in Tashqurghan in the seventies, photo: Roelof Munneke

For more than a century, the market hall in Tashqurghan was the city's lively eye and offered a striking view. Now, more than twenty years after its destruction, funds are being recruited to start the reconstruction of the city's lost site. The project is primarily funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Initiator is the cultural anthropologist and specialist in the field of cultures in North Afghanistan, Roelof Munneke.


The bazaar in Tashqurghan in 2006

The photo exposition once again draws the public's and local administrators' attention to the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan. The objective is to generate support for the reconstruction of the bazaar in Tashqurghan. It is also a good way for the museum personnel to get involved in compiling expositions again instead of merely protecting the collection from violence and plundering.