Demolition object becomes exposition area in Burkina Faso

September 2007 -

"By fixing up four old bus wrecks, we hope to make art and design better known in Burkina Faso. A number of workshops are being organised in which a variety of people will participate: school pupils, students and – of –course – various artists, both amateurs and professionals." Project manager Alassane Drabo of the Association des Amis des Arts, also known as Les 3A, has matters well in hand. Two ministers will be in attendance when the Gar'Art project is launched on 20 September 2007, on Les 3A's own site known as the 'champs des arts'.


Model for the 'Gar'Art' project by painter  Issa Kanazoé

Drabo explains that Les 3A has been in Ziniaré, some thirty kilometres from the capitol Ouagadougou, since 2003. "The workshops will last a total of five weeks. Then the exposition will be opened, with involvement from various dignitaries. We are attracting so much attention because we stimulate art and development by exchanging knowledge between beginning and advanced artists. As well as with critics, many of whom work at the Ouagadougou university. The buses are located in an old station and will be transformed into four large pieces of art. This will be done by four artists and two designers.

We hope that this project will also demonstrate that if people develop their creativity, they can use it to make money."

The symbolism of the project has been thoroughly considered. "We decided on buses because they stimulate the imagination. Buses stand for travel, discovery and new perspectives." The workshops will be combined with expositions by professional artists. Drabo: "One of the buses will later serve as a gallery for machinery art, one for paintings and a third for design. In the fourth bus, work made by students during the workshops will be displayed." The project also focuses on art education. Drabo: "We ultimately hope to create permanent work areas and thus generate sustainable interest for art, encounters and education."

Gar'Art is supported by the Burkina Faso Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism and by the Prince Claus Fund.