BizArt rejuvenates Chinese art

February 2008 -

Art centre BizArt in Shanghai has been stimulating explorative contemporary Chinese art since its establishment in 1998. This organisation recently joined the Prince Claus Fund network, and will receive financial support from the network totalling € 181,000.00 over the next three years.


BizArt Art Center in Shanghai

Joumana El Zein of the Prince Claus Fund is excited about working with BizArt: "They are extremely active and have built an extensive network in Southeast Asia. What is more, their work is high quality." The team consists of eight staff members and two directors: Davide Quadrio and Xu Zhen.

The financial support will be devoted to three projects. First BizArt will study and establish contact with relatively isolated countries in the region, e.g. Mongolia. "That will ultimately lead to the development of cultural activities in these areas", says El Zein. Some of the funds will also be used to study Chinese video art. This means taking inventory and promoting the important artists. In the third project, BizArt will organise two symposiums about the cultural ties between Asia and two rising regions: Eastern Europe and Africa.

The special nature of the art centre is reflected in its name, which can be defined in two ways. On the one hand, BizArt refers to the exciting combination of commercial (biz) and artistic (art) activities, including expositions, conferences and workshops. As a result, the centre is self-supporting and not dependent on the Chinese government.

"Inside our doors, the centre therefore enjoys much freedom", El Zein explains. This makes it possible to perform bizarre experiments in film, graphic design and other types of art, reflecting the second meaning of BizArt.