Ghetto Radio

February 2008 -

The developments in Kenya can also be followed on the Ghetto Radio website. Young Kenyans report on current events from the slums of Nairobi. Ghetto Radio is an initiative by the Netherlands, with support from the Dutch Public Broadcasting company. Columns, articles and many videos can be found there. Discussions are held and reports can be seen in which hip-hop artists in particular present their interpretation of the political analyses found in other media.

image 4-2-2008

Ghetto Radio strives to attune to the world of the youth in cities, giving them a voice. Particular emphasis is placed on urban culture. Rappers can make clips and audio recordings in the Nairobi studio. The Ghetto Radio team offers support. Ghetto Radio has numerous ambitions, hoping to spread throughout the world as a strong urban culture brand. It also hopes to stimulate young people to learn a skill.

Most radio stations in Nairobi are commercial stations. Talented youth from the slums have little access to these stations. At Ghetto Radio, however, they are welcomed with open arms. Hip-hop artists even receive royalties if their music is aired. In addition to the studio in Nairobi, Ghetto Radio now also has stations in Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Johannesburg, Harare, Lagos and Kampala.