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February 2008 -

The theft at Dacca Airport of two statues from Bangladesh that were to be exhibited in the Musée Guimet in Paris has triggered a wide range of speculations. The case is also a popular topic of discussion on Global Voices Online, where bloggers meet. There it is one of the many, many topics. The Global Voices portal is amazingly large and has no less than fifty different topics that are important to bloggers throughout the world.


Sala Adil writes about the emotions triggered by the new flag of Iraq among the various population groups there. He explains why it is insulting to the Kurdish community. Adil is the 'blogger of the month', and he explains what blogging means to him: "It is politics in the true sense of the word. Politics is not about parties, speeches and collecting votes. It is about making changes in how people see the world around them. In the hope that horrors like war will become a thing of the past. Blogs often tell what the traditional media do not. Global Voices Online puts me in continuous contact with Iraqis all over the world. It is an enormous enrichment for me, and naturally for all those others."

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