Hip-hop artist Fid Q: "I watched my sister die from aids"

February 2008 -

Music Mayday is organising a hip-hop tour to make the youth of Europe and Africa aware of the large-scale Aids problem in southern Africa. Popular Tanzanian hip-hop star Fid Q will kick off the tour in February 2008 together with German hip-hop artist Prinz Pi.


Prinz Pi and Fid Q

Fid Q has seen many people die from Aids. "My sister and best friend died from aids nine years ago. I watched hiv slowly but surely drain her of all life. From the first day she was diagnosed until her death. Because I have seen the consequences of hiv in my country with my own eyes, I really wanted to do something. Music is a strong weapon that can be used to reach many young people."

Last year Fid Q also participated in a Music Mayday project, and he enjoyed it. "It was an emotional, fun and especially extremely learning experience", he explains. "This is a confusing time for the youth. It is a relief to feel connected with others through music."

In addition to Fid Q and Prinz Pi, four other European-African pairs will be performing in the tour. The artist pairs will visit an aids project in Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia or South Africa, give workshops and join forces in the studio to record three tracks. Next comes a tour through Europe and the release of an album featuring all of the artists' tracks. The cd tracks can be downloaded in exchange for a signature.

The objective is to collect as many signatures from young people as possible who want attention devoted to the continuing aids problem in southern Africa. The signatures will be presented to the European Parliament. The petition can also be signed via www.virusfreegeneration.eu.

Music Mayday receives support from organisations including DOEN Foundation and Hivos.