Rocking Bangalore

July 2008 -

Indian music is generally associated either with Bollywood or classical Carnatic or Hindustani music. Little do people outside India know of the thriving rock/metal music culture that exists inside India, especially in the metropolises.


Chris Avinash during a performance

Bangalore over the past decade has become the IT hub of India. With people flowing in from all over the world, different cultural influences especially instrumental musical influences, have added flavour to local original rock compositions. Chris Avinash composer, artist, producer and many more rolled into one and one who has fronted three popular bands Angel Dust, Document Done and STOMP says," There are a few bands like Lounge Piranha who use African instruments like the Jembe,and Digiridoo in their music." While he believes that these bands cater to niche audiences by fusing different world music and also mainly classical forms of Indian music with rock, rock and metal as genres themselves appear to be fast catching up.

Nolan Lewis ,composer and guitarist of Kryptos, an established Bangalore metal band, elaborates, "Over the last five years or so there's been a massive change in the way bands approach their music. A lot of them are now seriously into putting out albums and upgrading their equipment and getting an all round professional attitude about the way they present their music. As far as Bangalore is concerned it has more musical diversity than any other city in India. Bands here play everything from blues and jazz to thrash and grindcore."

It is also heartening to see youngsters being more politically active these days than ever before. Chris believes, " Through their music or support for others music they attach themselves to causes as diverse as Anti-Aids to saving the tiger, to global warming." An effort is being made to promote rock events throughout the year by both corporations and musicians. The end result so far has been a thrilling blend of music and the spawning of a new and exciting youth music culture

August 15, 2008 the Freedom Jam Festival, where musicians ranging from classical to rock perform together, takes place in Bangalore.