Manifiesto LOT

November 2008 -

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Peruvian theatre / performance group La Otra Orilla - LOT, the first edition has been issued of Manifiesto LOT. This will eventually become a collection of pamphlets in which specialists, artists and writers can reflect upon current cultural themes. This way the Manifiesto tries to promote free speech and critical opinion.


The 'anniversary edition' Manifiesto 10 features: a discussion between art critic and curator Jorge Villacorta and LOT's artistic director Carlos Cueva about the success of the commercial theatre in Peru and a conversation between architects Manuel de Rivera and Rafael Freyre about urban changes in Lima during the last ten years with regards to culture and public space. This Manifiesto also includes texts by LOT actors and visual artists who are close to LOT.

Manifiesto LOT
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