Flowers, Prince Claus Fund Journal #16

April 2009 -

Aim of the Prince Claus Fund Journal is to inform a worldwide network about the Fund's themes and activities. For that purpose it has chosen a unique concept. Each time the magazine commits itself once-only to a magazine which according to the Fund deserves to be in the spotlight. This time the magazine has joined forces with Bidoun Magazine, under the title of Flowers. Bidoun was founded in 2003 in order to promote contemporary art and culture from the Middle East. According to the editor it also addresses some of the widespread misconceptions about the region.


Bidoun means 'without' in both Arabic and Farsi, which connotes (in)voluntary statelessness. This issue is inspired by flowers: literally and metaphorically. The contributions from all over the world show a wide variety of themes: ranging from Lady Di to the first female suicide terrorist; from a famous drag performer in Lebanon to the Arabisation of the House of Windsor; from the Soul Messengers in the Israeli desert to the Afro-Asian literary avant-garde magazine Lotus.

Bidoun Magazine
Flowers, spring 2009
(Published by Bidoun Inc., single issues € 9,75, yearly subscription € 44,-)