Zimbabwe in Pictures is a blog which contributes to the independent gathering of news from Zimbabwe. Editor-in-chief/publisher Chris Kabwato explains the background and the objectives of the e-zine.

Zimbabwe in Pictures

April 2009 -

In March 2008, Zimbabweans went to the polls to vote for a government of their choice. In a normal democracy this could have been a straight-forward event. But Zimbabwe then was not a normal country. The economy had collapsed, the education system was in shambles and the political atmosphere was tense. To make matters worse for close to ten years, journalists had not been free to report on what was happening in that country. Several newspapers and an independent television station had been forced to close shop.


A year later we continue to do the same. As Zimbabwe in Pictures we don't just run a blog and publish a regular eletronic photo-newsletter. We are also building a website that will become the largest online library of photographs on Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe in Pictures is supported by Free Voice and Hivos. Previously NiZa was the main partner.