The world in 2008

June 2009 -

In this yearly summary for 2008, the SICA opted for an original shape of the map of the world. It is a Mercator projection, pacific-centred for this summary. The map named after the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator once played an important part in explorations and is stilled used for navigation at sea.


SICA's map of the world

In 1999, the SICA - Stichting Internationale Culturele Activiteiten or International Cultural Activities Foundation - started registering the Netherlands' cultural exchanges. Performances, shows and presentations beyond the borders were registered by dozens of informers and recorded in the Buitengaats database. With the publication of its world map, SICA hopes to increase the number of registered activities.

The world in 2008
(SICA, available free of charge)