Stories on Human Rights – sixty years of human rights in film

March 2009 -

Afraid to cross a busy street? Be sure to view the short film The Crossing by Indian film maker Murali Nair. A traditional way of life is utterly destroyed in only three minutes. The Crossing is one of the 22 short movies produced on behalf of the UNHR on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on 10 December 2008. The films can all be viewed on YouTube and will tour international festivals in 2009.

Trailer Stories on Human Rights

The films were made based on the six themes stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: culture, development, dignity, environment, gender and participation. A book with interviews of the film makers and contributions from well-known authors was published by Electa. Read also the Interview with Murali Nair about his film The Crossing.

Stories on Human Rights was produced on behalf of UNHR by Art for the World.
A number of the films will be shown during the Movies that Matter Festival being held in The Hague from 26 March to 8 April 2009.