Ugandan art magazine chooses profundity

September 2009 -

"If art is not documented, it will die as soon as you die. When you die literally, or when you lose your touch." Artist and owner of Afriart gallery Daudi Karungi had that idea in mind when he started the art magazine Start.


"Of course it is a bit strange that I am an artist and a publisher about art at the same time", Karungi (30) admits. "It would be better if someone else would make a magazine like this, but unfortunately that is not the case." Art in Uganda is still developing. Most are facing a tough time trying to make a living out of their work. Therefore, a magazine about art cannot exist without support.

"We ask our –voluntary- writers to supply us with articles that are well-researched and which are in-depth. We should make the difference between our magazine and the Ugandan newspapers, which generally write too plain about arts. And most importantly, each article should contain some facts that the reader didn’t know yet, even when he is very familiar with the subject", says the publisher/artist.

In the latest edition of Start a famous photographer and the popular painter/sculptor David Kigozi are being portrayed. There is also an article about the Painted Voices poetry project of Femrite. "But the most interesting article I found personally was Nude or Naked." In this plea for a less strict approach of nudity in arts, written by co-founder of Start Henry Mzili Mujunga, the writer touches various aspects of the subject. "A smart article", says Karungi.

The third edition of Start appeared in July 2009, and this is the first one under sponsorship of the Dutch Embassy. Karungi: "They have re-ignited the magazine, after it had taken a long break."