The Power of Culture to be relaunched in collaboration with Global Village Media

January 2010 -

The Power of Culture web site is to be relaunched with a new publisher: Global Village Media. The identity of the Power of Culture will be maintained in the new design with the added benefit that Global Village Media’s cross-media platform offers new, promising perspectives.

The cuts that Dutch Minister of Development Coorporation Koenders had to make last year severely affected the National Commission for International Collaboration and Sustainable Development (Dutch acronym: NCDO). But the web site the Power of Culture, which was being published by NCDO at the time of the cuts, will continue under a broader platform.

 Peter van Lier, director of Global Village Media is enthusiastic: "The contents of the Power of Culture fit in perfectly with our other publications, including OneWorld and OnzeWereld. We specialise in international collaboration, globalisation and sustainability. The importance of art and culture in this endeavour is continually increasing. The editorial staff of the Power of Culture has expertise in this domain. We also have a worldwide network of journalists.

We are discussing collaboration with several different parties in order to come up with a new design which maintains the identity of the Power of Culture, while utilizing the new, promising perspectives that our cross-media platform offers. This can move culture and development higher on the agenda."

The Power of Culture appears in Dutch and English and is read daily by an average of a thousand people, half of whom are outside the Netherlands. The editorial staff works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hivos, the Prins Claus Fund, Mundial, Theatre Embassy, DOEN and various other partners. Van Lier: "We hope to complete the discussions reasonably soon, after which the Power of Culture can be relaunched in a format that offers substantial benefits to all parties in both the bundling of knowledge as well as the scope of the readership.


For more information please contact Sander Bouten, project coordinator at Global Village Media: