Africa United

May 2010 -

Whether you are a fan or not, June 2010 will be devoted entirely to World Cup soccer. Thanks to the largest sporting event in the world, all eyes will be focused on Africa; this is the first time in history that this monumental sports event has been held on the African continent. In Africa, soccer is much more than just a sport: it is a way out of poverty and can serve as an instrument for peace. It is one of the few sports in which Africans can measure up to the rest of the world. It offers millions of young people hope for a better life.


In Africa United, African journalists discuss the various dimensions and the significance of soccer on their continent. There are entries by presidents who are soccer fanatics as well as by African soccer players who explain what role soccer played in bringing peace to the Ivory Coast. The book has been lovingly and professionally compiled by journalists Marc Broere and Stefan Verwer with photos by Chris de Bode.

Africa United. De weg naar het WK
Marc Broere, Stefan Verwer en Chris de Bode (red.)
(KIT Publishers, Amsterdam | € 19,95) 

Concurrent with the world championship soccer, the Tropentheater will be hosting the Africa Scores! Festival from 12 June - 22 August 2010. An interactive exhibition illustrates the African experience of the World Cup. Live broadcasts of matches will be shown and various discussions will be held in the African sports café.