Three locations removed from UNESCO endangered world heritage list

August 2005 -

The Sangay National Park, Timbuktu and Butrint are no longer on the endangered world heritage list. Improvement of preservation has resulted in their removal from the list. This was decided by the World Heritage Committee during its 29 th session in Durban, South Africa in July 2005.


The Sangay National park in Ecuador is an area with an enormous variety of ecosystems and indigenous animal species. Harmful human activity has been drastically decreased in the area.


In Timbuktu, Mali, large progress has been made in preserving the historic monuments in the old town, which was one of Africa's spiritual and intellectual centres in the 16 th century.

Butrint is an archaeological site in Albania, containing remains from Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian times. Butrint is no longer under threat by looting and is currently under proper management.