The Arterial Network

With its motto 'act locally, impact globally' the ARTerial Network connects more than one hundred artists and cultural organisations in Africa together. The exchange of information and lobbying are needed to strengthen the African art sector. What has the network done for art organisations on the African continent? Five views from five countries: Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Egypt. "The power lies in the collective voice."

Art and the constraints of development

How free are artists to write, sing and represent what they want? Which role do uninhibited, creative minds play in the development of open and democratic societies? What is the agenda of donors when supporting art in developing countries and which impact does that have on the practice of art? That's what Art and the constraints of development is about, a co-production of the Power of Culture and ZAM Africa Magazine.


Winternachten 2009: Fake

Fake is the theme of the next edition of the literary festival Winternachten in The Hague. Writers are masters when it comes to manipulating reality. They use day-to-day life and history to tell their own stories and uncover the truth behind reality.

Culture and Conflict

How are culture and conflict linked? How may culture work in conflict-resolution and peace-building processes? Five case studies from five different regions about the power of culture in conflict situations.


Theatre & Development

Theatre flourishes worldwide. Community art is a global hype.  Theatre is used for delivering messages and for educational purposes. But fortunately theatre is still entitled to be art as well. Six articles on the relationship between Theatre and Development in three continents.

Entry Culture

Special on the Culture and Development programme of the Dutch goverment. The programme is run by 15 embassies.


Homeless World Cup 

At the end of September about five hundred homeless people competed with one another playing soccer during the Homeless World Cup in the South African Cape Town. Homeless people from Afghanistan, Brazil, Ukraine, Nigeria, Paraguay and the Netherlands all came together for a good game of soccer.

Culture is not a luxury 

Eleven interviews and a speech at the occassion of the 10th anniversary of the Prince Claus Fund.

Radio Africa 

Radio is the only meaningful mass medium in Africa. For news, for sports, for propaganda and for musical wallpaper. Our new special is devoted to Radio in Africa. With pieces about community radio, (in)dependent radio stations, commercial radio, and traditional and new music via the radio. Naturally with links to African radio stations.


The World of the Dutch Culture Funds

During the last decade different funds have been set up in the Netherlands for culture outside the western world. The funds are not only the financiers. They operate based on an autonomous policy and put their stamp on their projects. Six funds explain the tasks they envision for themselves in culture and development.

Images of shifting culture

Cultures continually change: everywhere in the world, new images evolve that are formed by individual backgrounds and new influences. This special focuses on the way cartoonists view their own culture. Three cartoonists interpret changing cultural expressions in their cities.
Also: an overview of what is happening in the world of cartoons and development and an interview with Prince Claus Fund director Els van der Plas on the role played by humour and satire.

Focus on migration

Globally, more than 100 million people live outside the country of their birth, a number that is still growing. At the same time, Europe is building a wall around itself and internal tensions are increasing.
It is against this background that, over the past year, the Prince Claus Fund has been highlighting the positive aspects of migration and asylum. This special issue builds on this, containing as it does comments by Anil Ramdas, Shahidul Alam and Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor on the meeting of cultures and on being a migrant, as well as a number of articles that focus on the relationship between art and migration. Shahidul Alam photographed Bangladeshi migrants in their new homes all over the world.


Cinema in Africa 

How many African film classics do you know? And how many famous African film directors, actors and actresses? Exactly! Not that many. It is about time to change that, because African film is special and deserves more attention.


Traditional music theatre in the South indian province of Tamil Nadu, in which parts of the Mahabharata are acted out.

South Africa Special 

Ten years of democracy in South Africa: the role of culture



Two movements in the non-western policy of the  Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.

Synthetic Reality

Chinese Media Art in Beijng East Modern Art Center


A musician's quest for a lost Capeverdian musical tradition


Bangladeshi Spirit

Bangladeshi Spirit, an on line photo gallery with photos by students attending Pathshala, the South Asian Institute of Photography in Dhaka, about the culture of Bangladesh.

Movie culture in Egypt and Italy


Recasting Cultural Policies 

Conference Intergovernmental Conference on Cultural Policies for Development, Stockholm 1998


ConferenceThe Power of Culture , Amsterdam 1996

Conferentie about the Unesco-rapport Our Creative Diversity