Geerte Wachter

Chobi Mela III Festival of Photography in Bangladesh

January 2005 -

The Chobi Mela international festival of photography opened its doors on 6 December 2004 in Dacca, Bangladesh. A stunning festival was organised in difficult circumstances, with more than 30 exhibitions (at 7 different locations) of works by photographers from 17 countries. In addition, the public could sample the delights of multimedia presentations, film showings, readings and workshops.


I La Galigo: about a dream held by Rhoda Grauer and Restu Imansari

June 2004 -

In May 2004 the Indonesian music theatre I La Galigo toured European stages. An interview with the two female producers.


Zimbabwean journalist lives in the Netherlands for a year

March 2004 -

Zimbabwean journalist Wilf Mbanga was given the opportunity to write and work without political restrictions for a year. He grabbed the chance. At the invitation of the Tilburg Vrijstad foundation, Mbanga arrived in the Netherlands in November 2003.

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