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BizArt rejuvenates Chinese art

February 2008 -

Art centre BizArt in Shanghai has been stimulating explorative contemporary Chinese art since its establishment in 1998.


Reyum: welcoming institution for Cambodian culture

May 2007 -

Once an exhibition space for art teachers, Reyum in Phnom Penh developed itself into a renowned forum for research, documentation, management and promotion of both traditional and contemporary Cambodian art and culture.


Peruvian theatre group LOT and the chaos in the world

November 2006 -

Exploring borders and spotlighting the social chaos of today are the objectives of La Otra Orilla (LOT). The Peruvian multidisciplinary theatrical group's objectives are making it an international hit. Actor Rafael Freyre: “Artistic freedom comes first and foremost for us.”


Tropenmuseum Amsterdam gives art to Surinam

August 2006 -

The Tropenmuseum recently gave 45 pieces of art to the Surinaams Museum. The collection consists of paintings, sculptures, photographs and silkscreen prints by renowned Surinam artists.


Taban Lo Liyong pleads for an all-encompassing poetry

July 2006 -

"The best poetry is the folk epic," declared Taban Lo Liyong during the 37th Poetry International in Rotterdam, where he gave the tenth lecture in Defence of Poetry.


Land of Ame: Surinam mythological theatrical performance

May 2006 -

The river water, the sun and the Gonini eagle are the Surinam symbols for vitality, freedom and protection. They play the central part in Land of Ame , a mythological theatrical performance with music, dance and song.


KigeziNdoto: the desires of the African woman

March 2006 -

 The world premier of the musical theatre performance KigeziNdoto by The Theatre Company, directed by Kenyan theatre-maker and film actress Mumbi Kaigwa will be performed on 18 March during the World Music Theatre Festival in Amsterdam.


Exciting and entertaining international films in Jakarta

december 2005 -

"Currently, the documentary form is going from strength to strength," explains festival director and filmmaker Orlow Seunke of the Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest). This is the seventh year of the festival, which this year is being held from 9-18 December and is showing 201 films from 35 countries.

Still Vital

Children from Amsterdam and Teheran hope to meet in person

november 2005 -

Thanks to Kids at Iran, children from Amsterdam and Teheran learn about one another's living habits and ideas. The Tropenmuseum Junior's cultural exchange project runs over the Internet and will be concluded in December. Whether the children will truly meet one another is uncertain.


Possible sequel to restoration of historical officer's dwelling

November 2005 -

The Nola Hatterman Institute (NHI) in Paramaribo held a festive re-opening on 24 October. Underprivileged youths restored the institute's historical housing under the guidance of professionals. A sequel to the project in the near future is already being discussed.

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