Art in Afghanistan: the revealing of cruelty and banality

January 2007 -

Prince Claus Fund laureate 2006 Lida Abdul on the possible – and desirable – role of the arts in present Afghan society.


War and art practice in Lebanon

October 2006 -

Christine Tohme (1964, Libanon) is a cultural organiser, art activist and curator. She talks about the effects of the recent war on the art scene in Lebanon.


Youth, culture and freedom in Iraq

August 2006 -

Mariwan Kanie, an Iraqi refugee in the Netherlands, on how youth and culture in his homeland feel the pressure of strict religious censoring.


Culture is the fountain of our progress

July 2006 -

Abdul Sheriff on culture and development: "A narrow economistic interpretation of development is sterile, and has failed to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor within and between nations."


Cartoons should get people thinking

March 2006 -

Indian cartoonist Sharad Sharma on the controversial Danish cartoons: "Only two of the ten cartoons get people thinking: they are simultaneously funny and controversial."


News Photography in India

October 2005 -

World Press Photo celebrates its 50th anniversary. Jury member Swapan Parekh on the impact that World Press Photo has had in India.


On cultural policies for the North and South: in conversation with Madhusree Dutta

July 2005 -

According to Madhusree Dutta from India, appropriate cultural policies are a necessity in today's world.


Evaluating the way Brazil invests in Culture

June 2005 -

Helmut Batista (Brazil) states that commercial investments in culture have a negative effect on diversity.


The proposed Convention on Cultural Diversity: a developing world perspective

May 2005 -

Mike van Graan from the Performing Arts Network of South Africa about the Unesco Convention on Cultural Diversity.


Elif Shafak: The gathering place of the djinni

February 2005 -

One can be multicultural, multilingual and yes, multifaith. Writing fiction necessitates thresholds. Literature thrives upon the desire to transcend, to move far beyond our boundaries 'be it in terms of national, ethnic or religious or gender identities. The ability to transform, to be as flexible and fluid as water, to step onto the thresholds...

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