Wonder Guchu

Cardboard print popular in Namibia and beyond

June 2009 -

Cardboard is to Namibian grafic artists what stone is to Zimbabwean sculptors. Once born out of necessity, because of the high price of linoleum, cardboard printing has developed into a powerful art form.


Networking essential for art marketing in Southern Africa

May 2009 -

In Harare a workshop about art marketing took place from April 30 until May 1, 2009, aimed at ten countries in Southern Africa. Purpose was to strengthen the regional markets for creative products, to develop suitable marketing models and to create a network for art marketeers.


No takers for the Sadc Arts and Culture Festival

December 2007 -

So far no country has come forward to host the next event of a series which started in 1995.


Jackson Kaujeua: "I am dead if I sing hip-hop"

November 2007 -

Once his music was a weapon during the struggle for liberation. Nowadays Jackson Kaujeua faces other challenges.


The African book sector is in trouble

July 2007 -

The African publishing industry is in danger of dying slowly as a result of poverty, a weak reading culture, stiff competition from better equipped multi-national companies, little or no support from the governments, the World Bank and donors. But there is still hope, says Kenyan publisher Dr Chakava.


Culture, what culture?

April 2007 -

Is there any African culture to talk about considering the many foreign influences experienced over the years? Breyten Breytenbach, writer and director of Senegal's Gorée Institute, shares some doubts.

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