Alfred Marseille

Stories on Human Rights – sixty years of human rights in film

March 2009 -

Twenty-two well-known film makers and visual artists made short films on the theme of human rights. This film project marks the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube.


The Cultural Economy

January 2009 -

Part two in a series of books on culture and globalisation takes an in-depth look into the relationship between culture and economic change. A particularly well-researched book with contributions by international writers and scientists and hundreds of pages with statistics and graphs.


Open doors: Sangeeta Thapa on art and dialogue in times of war

November 2008 -

Sangeeta Thapa talks about the part artists play in the enormous changes taking place in Nepal and about the importance of the new Kathmandu Arts Centre.


Network Creative Exchange disbands

August 2008 -

The British Organisation Creative Exchange, a network for culture and development, will cease operations in August of 2008, primarily due to a lack of funds. For ten years, Creative Exchange has maintained a worldwide network, focussing on the social role of art and culture and on raising people's consciousness regarding the contribution that art and culture makes to development and social change.


Minister Koenders: "Culture is an intrinsic part of combating poverty"

November 2007 -

"Central in the policy of development cooperation is how people want to be helped. That takes creativity and awareness. Culture gives the power and the space to work on the millennium objectives. It is an intrinsic part of combating poverty." Never before has Bert Koenders, the Netherlands' Minister of Development Cooperation, been so outspoken about the role culture plays in development.


Conference on art and culture in development cooperation

February 2007 -

The Austrian organisation Kulturen in Bewegung organised the conference European Network: Culture and Development in cooperation with the German CulturCooperation. The conference took place from 25 to 27 January in Vienna.


Goethe-Institut and GTZ study links between culture and development

December 2006 -

"Investing in culture is the most sustainable type of development cooperation," said a participant at the Culture and Development conference Putting Theory into Practice held in Berlin in November 2006. It marked the conclusion of a project in which the overlap between culture and development was studied.


Resistance[s] - experimental films from the Arabic world

July 2006 -

The dvd compilation Resistance[s] shows the surprising and varied work of eight filmmakers from the Arabic world.


Enter (World Press Photo)

june 2006 -

On-line magazine of the World Press Photo’s education department.


To a new dialogue on the Islam

May 2006 -

Pakistani professor of religious studies Riffat Hassan on religious stereotypes, ethics and violence.

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