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Subsidies for Mundial, Theatre Embassy and Music May Day to end

April 2010 -

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' new financing regulations for development collaboration have farreaching effects for several Dutch organisations which are active in the field of culture and development.


The Power of Culture to be relaunched in collaboration with Global Village Media

January 2010 -

The Power of Culture web site is to be relaunched in a broader platform with a new publisher: Global Village Media. The identity of the Power of Culture will be maintained in the new design with the added benefit that Global Village Media’s cross-media platform offers new, promising perspectives.


ArtEast and Cascoland, 'the real Kirgizian artists'

September 2009 -

Art students from Kirgizia and artists from Dutch Cascoland presented their 'interventions in public space' during Boom-Boom, the fourth International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Bishkek, August 2009.


The Power of Puppetry surprises Assam

August 2009 -

With simple means young villagers from Rampur -  in the politically insecure Indian state Assam - made a contemporary puppet show.


Cambodian-Dutch performance about the Red Khmer regime

March 2009 -

As the Red Khmer tribunal commenced late in February 2009, a performance about Pol Pot's reign of terror, Breaking the Silence, premiered in Phnom Penh.


Heated beginning for Peruvian theatre project Desierto

December 2008 -

How can an art project about public space be created in a state of emergency? The creators of Desierto found the answer.


Theatrical event about fishers on the beach of Senegal

january 2008 -

Theatre Embassy based its performance about the working conditions of fishers on Senegal's beach near St. Louis on the famous Dutch folk drama Op hoop van zegen by Herman Heijermans. Director Anna Rottier has been working in St. Louis since the end of November, 2007.


MARACA keeps Central American youth away from street gangs

November 2007 -

The success of dance project Huellas proves that art can definitely offer an alternative for violence and poverty.


Co-funding: culture suffers hard blows in the Netherlands

October 2006 -

Dozens of organizations in the Netherlands participate in development cooperation. Their work varies from health care to home construction, and a number are involved in cultural activities. They are primarily financed by the government. This year, all of the subsidy schemes were placed under the rule of the MSF: the co-funding system.