Theatre & Development

December 2007 -

Theatre flourishes worldwide. Community art is a global hype.  Theatre is used for delivering messages and for educational purposes. But fortunately theatre is still entitled to be art as well. Six articles on the relationship between Theatre and Development in three continents.

KIT Portal Culture for development on theatre

Culture for Development is one of the new portals on the KIT website. This English portal gives access to a wide variety of documents, newsletters, electronic magazines, discussion groups and other internet sources in the area of culture in or related to developing countries. One of the main topics of the portal is theatre. All of the documents can be completely searched.
The portal is currently limited to sources pertaining to museums, theater and cultural policy, but also does its best to be complete. Dossiers provide background information on special topics.

Visit the portal on the Royal Tropical Institute website and read the dossier on Theatre and Development.

The Power of Culture