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No development without culture. If culture is interpreted as the whole of beliefs, habits and customs of a society, culture is the foundation that supports every development. ›››

Art Worldwide

Art and culture create space for imagination, dialogue and interpretation. Artists and writers all over the world are exploring, commenting on and giving shape to reality.  ›››

Cultural heritage

Cultural heritage is understood to mean archives, pieces of art, places of worship and monuments. But there is also an immaterial heritage: languages, music and dance, festivities, rituals and traditional craftsmanship. Cultural heritage is important to the identity of a society. ›››

Cultural exchange

Culture contributes to reinforcing one's identity and the ability to critically reflect on that identity. The awareness of one's own identity is essential to development and interaction with others. ›››

Art and development

Lying at the core of society, art is also a means of bringing about social change. Drama, film and music can help people get to grips with their own lives.  ›››


Mass media are flooding the world with messages. Media contribute to development in a variety of ways. ›››

Culture and conflict

 Culture often leads to lack of understanding and conflict and suppression. The burning of books, the incarceration of writers and artists, the destruction of cultural heritage: actions like these illustrate how deeply people fear the power of culture, but they also show that art can provide an effective means for solving conflict. ›››

Culture and ethics

Cooperation is easier and conflicts are limited when people share convictions. This makes it important to look for ethical principles that are shared worldwide: global ethics. ›››

Culture and economics

Isn't combating poverty more important than art? Is it justifiable that scarce development funds are devoted to culture? ›››