Culture and conflict

Documentary about Aids orphans leaves important questions unanswered

November 2004 -

Orphans of Nkandla is being shown as part of one of the themed sub-programmes in the IDFA documentary film festival that is being held from 18 to 28 November in Amsterdam.


Prince Claus Film Grant 2004 awarded to screenplay from Sri Lanka

February 2004 -

This year's Prince Claus Film Grant has been awarded to Vimukhti Jayasundara from Sri Lanka for his screenplay The Abandoned Land.


Documentary on the death penalty wins Amnesty International DOEN Award

December 2003 -

The prize documentary 'Aileen: Life and death of a serial killer' is an indictment against the death penalty.


Human rights organisation wins World Music Prize

November 2003 -

This year the WOMEX Award goes to Freemuse, an organisation that monitors the freedom of expression in the domain of music. The only and thus the most important prize for world music was awarded on 26 October in the Spanish city of Seville, during the WOMEX festival.


Ivory Coast resumes a cultural life

August 2003 -

Even though after ten months of war the Ivory Coast has its hands full disarming the combatants, the country’s cultural life is beginning to bounce back. 


Sri Lankan theatre causes a stir

July 2003 -

The theatre piece A Bed of Nettles has caused a stir in the Sri Lankan press. Not only because of its controversial themes, but also because the piece demonstrated that powerful censorship is being exercised. 

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