Culture and ethics

Religion to save lives

October 2005 -

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to end the taboo on the inclusion of religion in the field of development cooperation. In a first step towards achieving this goal, the Ministry has set up a Religion and Development Policy Knowledge Forum. The AIV, the Advisory Council on International Affairs, has researched this subject and come forward with recommendations.


The struggle for independent media in Iraq

September 2005 -

The Iraq newspaper Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed (The New Morning) recently celebrated its first birthday. Journalist Anneke van Ammelrooy reports from Iraq on the struggle for independent journalism.


Gay Pride Bogota pokes fun at macho Colombia

August 2005 -

Many Bogota residents said it was a disgrace: secondary school pupils singing their way out of the closet to announce their lesbian identities, gays dressed as soldiers and bishops on carnival floats and drag queens provoking onlookers: all this and more at the Gay Pride Parade 2005.


Utan Kayu defends free speech

July 2005 -

Komunitas Utan Kayu is a community of artists, scientists and journalists from Indonesia, who strive to promote the liberalization of their society.


Poetry as a response to violence

June 2005 -

In Columbia, from 24 June through 2 July 2005, the 15th International Poetry Festival of Medellín will be held. During this event, 80 poets from 52 countries will read their work. Interest in the declamations is overwhelming: more than 100,000 people will be coming to list in theatres, parks, hospitals, prisons and city squares.


Mexican Police read to combat crime

April 2005 -

Reading books to get a promotion: this is the task being faced by all 1200 police agents in Nezahualcóyotl, a suburb of Mexico City. The objective: a 50% reduction in crime.


Freemuse, freedom of musical expression

april 2005 -

Music without censorship.


Mapping the world the nomadic way

August 2004 -

Claudia Fontes (Argentine) visited the Australian forum South 1, and tried to find the answer to the question: what is the 'South'? And even more challenging: where is it?


Human Development Report 2004 pleads for cultural diversity

August 2004 -

Each citizen must be able to decide for himself what language he speaks, what religion he practices, and how he dresses. That is the message of the Human Development Report 2004.

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