december 2004 -
African hiphop

African Hiphop, 1 december 2004 is a website in English about rappers from the African continent. It is one of the most important sources of information in that area because the obscure rap scene there is highly fragmented and, unlike in the United States, has not yet been caught in the grip of commerce.

The site has a current news section with relatively long news announcements and reviews of recently-introduced CDs, LPs, tapes, documentaries and publications. There is also an interesting Library, in which the most important crews are introduced per country. For those who want to dig deeper, there is a handy list of links to more than two hundred relevant African hip-hop sites.
Interactive possibilities make this site – with an appearance that at first mistakenly appears to be somewhat boring – especially interesting. It also has a web store with a modest collection of CDs, records, books and magazines, as well as forums, and aspiring rappers can participate in a virtual hip-hop slam in December. also offers listening pleasure. A wide variety of mp3s can be listened to, or visitors can tune on-line to a non-stop radio station.