september 2006 -
Africaserver, from 8 September 2006

Good news: the Africaserver is back! For seven years the Africa Server published inspiring news from and about Africa with ample attention for art and culture. Two and a half years ago, financial difficulties forced the site to stop its activities.

The new site is fresh and accessible, with appealing photos and cartoons. (Africa Server already published the special Bongotoons on Tanzanian cartoons.) The home page is structured as an on-line magazine, similar to the Power of Culture site. Various organisations contribute to the magazine, including NiZA, Africa in the Picture, Afroneth, Afrovibes, SBK Galerie 23, the Thami Mnyele foundation, The Voice and ZAM. The calendar of events, as detailed and current as ever, lists activities in the Netherlands such as festivals, expositions, presentations and other activities from and about Africa.

The site’s major themes are art, politics, economy, education and science. Viewers can browse through the magazine based on these themes. What hasn’t changed are the specials and the extensive collection of links per theme or country. The site is bilingual: in Dutch and English. Assuming that the Dutch can read English, the home page in Dutch uses both languages, which takes some getting used to. The site also has a discussion forum, albeit that the language of choice for the discussions has yet to be determined.

Africa Server is supported by the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, NiZA and other partners., from 8 September 2006