may 2005 -

The Axum obelisk, a stolen art treasure that is 1,700 years old, was recently returned from Italy to Ethiopia by air freighter. However, much Ethiopian heritage is still housed abroad.


Afromet, 01-05-2005

Afromet, the Association for the Return of Maqdala Ethiopian Treasures, has been working for years now to bring back to Ethiopia the masterpieces and other historical works of art that belong to the so-called ‘Maqdala Treasure’ that was plundered and taken back home by the British army when it destroyed the Maqdala fort in 1868 in an attack on the Emperor Téwpodros.

The website has a complete list of the art treasures, including a detailed description of each work of art and its current location (where known). New objects from the collection are still being discovered all the time. The site also contains an extensive and easily accessible news archive.

Afromet is an international organisation with offices in Ethiopia and the UK. Its members include many prominent figures from the worlds of academia and politics.