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november 2004 -

Lemar-Aftaab, 01-11-2004

Lemar-Aftaab is an English-language magazine about Afghan culture that contains many contributions by Afghan emigrants. The website has an archive that contains all the magazine's issues from 1997 onwards, subdivided into such subjects as the visual arts, poetry, fiction, essays, music, history and book reviews.

More interesting than these expressions of Culture with a capital C are the articles about culture in a broader sense. For instance, under the heading 'Wellness' you can read an interesting article about the clash of different cultures in the domestic life of emigrants. A psychologist advises on such subjects as bringing up children: how does the American way of bringing up children differ from the Afghan way and how should parents take this into account? Another interesting topic is that of the 'Afghan experiences', such as those of the 23-year old Ajmal Akbar, raised in America, who is discovering his parents' culture, and those of Zarlacht Atiqzoy, who together with her sister attends a reading of the Imam and cautiously suggests that there may be better ways of involving young people in the faith.

Lemar-Aftaab is published by Aftaabzad Publications.