Biblio: A Review of Books

march 2005 -

Biblio: A Review of Books , 01-03-2005

Biblio: A Review of Books is the most important Indian magazine about literature and other expressions of culture. On the website with the same name, all issues of the magazine that have been published in the past three years can be found. After registering, visitors can consult most of the articles free of charge, but must pay for some. Visitors can also take out an electronic subscription.

Biblio is an erudite magazine that is pleasant to read. Its design is clearly inspired by the New York Review of Books, and the magazine’s quality is of the same caliber. In addition to reviews, the magazine contains essays discussing cultural and social developments in India and throughout the world. In December 2004 the Prince Claus Fund Journal was published, a special Biblio issue about asylum and migration.