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january 2005 -
Exiled Writers Ink

Exiled Writers Ink , 01-01-2005

The London-based organisation Exiled Writers Ink! provides a platform for writers in exile, this platform consisting of publications, lectures, and conferences. The writers come from Afghanistan, Algeria, Chile, the Congo, Iran, Somalia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and other countries. Their work allows them to make a valuable contribution to the improvement of communication and integration in the society, argues Exiled Writers Ink! For example, the writers host workshops on such issues as identity and culture in Europe, and discourse during a poetry café event.

The Exiled Writers Ink! website may not look particularly attractive but it does provide a good overview of the organisation’s activities. You can also just click to access poems, stories and biographies that will help you to get to know the writers.

The European Cultural Foundation supports Exiled Writers Ink!