National commission on Culture: Ghana

february 2005 -
Culture Ghana

National commission on Culture: Ghana, 01-02-2005

The Ghanaian culture is displayed in all its glory on the colourful new website of the Ghanaian National Commission on Culture. It is a real government website, so it’s no surprise that its approach is a little dry and academic. It’s clear that the primary objective has been to be comprehensive, which is why the website covers such aspects as the arts, religion, heritage, traditional treatments and education, as well as providing an informative history of the country and its people. The site is still under construction and has many empty pages, but this is no surprise given its lofty ambitions. One very enjoyable feature is the descriptions given of a number of traditional games, which not only explain the rules but also provide technical and scientific details of the hopscotch and beer bottle-top shooting games.

The website has been set up with financial support from the Dutch embassy.