Imaging Famine

october 2005 -

Imaging Famine looks at the ways in which famines have been portrayed in the media since the 19th century. This website was set up in connection with the exhibition of the same name that ran until 9 September in The Newsroom, the visitor centre at the London offices of the Guardian newspaper.

Imaging famine

Imaging Famine, 1 october 2005

In brief video interviews, photographers, journalists, researchers and other experts talk about the portrayal of stereotypical images of hunger, the employment of celebrities in fundraising campaigns, the relationship between charity funds and the media, the influence that photos have on policy and politicians, the context that certain images are used in, and about famine photos as Christian iconography.

The exhibition catalogue contains some amazing historical photos and a brief outline of the issues discussed. The website has a good selection of links to relevant articles and other websites.